During last decade Israel absorbed over 1,500,000 immigrants from ex-USSR, including over 18,000 of the highest-level educated scientists within any possible field. Israel become the Technopolis opening new unlimited opportunities to integrate their creativity in practical way.

Never in the history of the world was such enormous resources of accumulated knowledge counted per square kilometer. Most of new immigrants being in the past members of  top scientific establishment of ex-USSR, they used to take active position in creating it's superpower in any field. Being trained and educated to make Soviet science successfully competing with Western world, now in a new homeland in most cases adjusting themselves on hard way to new reality. Israel, with it's 6 million population was able to facilitate this intellectual potential.

Estimating cost of total education invested in one high-rank scientist is approx. US$ 10.0 mill, there has been imported to Israel knowledge worth over US$ 100.0 bill. Estimation of potential market value of technologies and now-how which are just ready to be delivered to the world right now could be counted in trillions of dollars, specially dealing with nuclear physics, biotechnologies, medicine, genetics, chemistry, software development, communication, alternative energy, ecology, and many others.

Network Intelligence Group strategy: complementation of a dynamic and progressively growing integrated database:

scientists and their know-how

potential working places or partnership opportunities for scientists

know-how and technologies index

integrated system of technology presentation

technology audit and economic future forecast

evaluation of stages of development

patents and copy-rights procedure

index of  market applications

channels of marketing

potential end-users

finance resources

startup operations

Distribution of the incomes from the technology delivery:

corporation development

humanitarian support

education network development

asset management

investment fund